Soundproofing Condos and Townhomes

Soundproofing Townhouses and Condos

Soundproofing materails for Townhouses and Condos

Removing townhome and condo noise can often be a real problem. Noisy neighbors are difficult to deal with. Fortunately, there are soundproofing solutions to help you both reduce unwanted noise. Carpeting is much less common these days, and hard flooring really transmits a lot of annoying footfall noise down to you while you’re resting.

How many of you have a great deal of neighbor noise streaming through your condo or townhouse wall? You should significantly increase your condo wall soundproofing by hanging a simple sheet of normal drywall and Green Glue damping compound. You will certainly see greater soundproofing results if you also sound isolate the condo wall outlets, townhouse ventilation ducts and any other openings in these walls.

A nightmare sound is surely footfall noise coming through your condo ceiling. You can thank your noisy neighbor upstairs. Not surprisingly, your loud neighbors will generally do nothing to help remove their own noise. Therefore you are left with the responsibility to stop the condo noise yourself. There are specific, tried and true techniques to effectively soundproof your condo and townhouse ceiling.

We know what you would prefer to do to your noisy condo neighbor, who keeps you up all night with his noise. You can address with this annoying soundproofing problem by sound isolating your condo floor. This isn’t always straightforward or easy if you have hard floors exposed. Many times it’s just easier to get better soundproofing results by sound isolating the annoying neighbor’s condo ceiling underneath you.